Remember and learn to energize yourself. Learn to tell when your body and your soul need to come back to earth. Renew and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Change is bound to happen! Weather is changing, schools and fall is beginning, so you should take time to get grounded. Get a Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage or Thai Yoga Massage today. Boost your Immune system and get grounded. Then you’ll be able to soar.

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Through EmptyHandBodyWork, you can promote balance in your body, mind and spirit. At EmptyHandBodyWork, we practice healing art Shiatsu Therapy rooted in over 3000 years of Asian Medicine. Healing with the hands or finger pressure is one of the oldest and most effective form of healing without side effects. At EmptyHandBodyWork, we look at the whole person, our treatment is holistic, addressing the whole body rather than focusing on only one area where symptons are most obvious. EmptyHandBodyWork will help you maintain your health, reduce stress and align the energies of the body, mind and spirit. We also provide lessons in Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Hapkido, Tae Kwan Do, and Kickboxing to all ages. By working with young children, teenagers, parents, and even security officers, We have developed an effective and fun program to instruct others in karate and self defense. In this program, entitled Empty Hand Self Defense Training, We help people of all ages and ability levels to confidently keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.

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