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5 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. (via- yelp.com)
    I started seeing KC for shiatsu therapy at Empty Hand Body Work when he was recommended to me by a friend. Shiatsu caught my attention as I was looking to relieve stress and aid in recovery from strength training workouts and athletic endeavors. KC definitely knows his stuff and I have been incredibly happy with the results. He takes the time to ask questions, find answers, and genuinely seems interested in my overall wellbeing. After every session I feel completely refreshed, like I hit the reset button, and ready to take on another week of training. I would definitely recommend seeing KC.

  2. via clinic feedback:
    I saw KC Giwa for Shiatsu Therapy session on August 25th, 2012 at 09:45am. KC was on time for our appointment; very professional with very good techniques and firm pressure. KC guided me on areas that I need to work on for energetic balance of my mind, body and soul. He also gave me some homework and streching exercises to practice at home making me in charge of my own health. Yes, I know a good Shiatsu practitioner when I see one. KC is an outstanding Shiatsu Practitioner and I will recommend anyone to go and see him for any deficiencies. Kate Titus

  3. Anyone who is 40 weeks pregnant should see KC for accupresure massage. I was told to be induced by my doctor if I do not have a baby by week 41, but I instead got KC’s massage and my baby was born in 2.5 days after. Labor was only 5 hours and it went very smoth. Thank you KC for helping me bring my daughter into this world without medications! Keep up the good work that you do!

    – Maria L.

  4. I recommend KC for Shiatsu to everyone! I have been seeing him for 8 months, during my pregnancy and now postpartum. He is awesome! I had baby girl, Lainey, on April 23, 2013. She came 2 weeks early…I had KC show me where those acupressure points are, and he was going to press on them for me the following week, but I was impatient, and let my husband try pushing on them one day, and that night my water broke! I definitely attribute my 6 hours of labor and quick and easy delivery to all of KC’s work on my body throughout my pregnancy. All the stretches and belly rubs 🙂 He gets my fluids moving about my body! I truly feel refreshed with more energy after every session. He is now helping me with my allergies this summer. Thank you KC for all you do!! – Michelle R

  5. hedule

    Hi Kristi and Cassandara,

    I am not sure “Where” to direct this, but I just wanted to relay to Group Exercise management that I do yoga with KC on Tues and Thurs in HQ and it is a wonderful class and benefit! I regularly attend his class and I feel 3 inches taller and definitely more focused afterwards.

    I really appreciate events that are held in HQ, because it takes time to walk to the CSC back and forth and I normally do not have that much time.

    Thanks for having this option😊

    Kind regards,

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