Why should I enroll myself or family in Empty Hand?
By enrolling in Empty Hand Programs, individuals can sharpen themselves to a razor’s edge and physically, mentally and spiritually learn to cut through any of life’s obstacles as they arise.

How long are Shiatsu sessions?
Average Session are 1.5 hours long. Also available; 30 minute session, 60 minute session and 120 minutes session. Durning your first free visit your shiatsu therapist will prescribe the best option for you.

What clothing do I wear for Shiatsu Therapy?
Wear loose fitting, lightweight, comfortable clothing.

What happens during a Shiatsu Therapy?
For shiatsu, you wear comfortable loose clothing. It is usually performed on a mat on the floor or shiatsu table. The practitioner will use their thumb or palm to apply pressure to specific points on the body energy pathways, known as meridians. They often use other techniques such as stretches, corrections and joint rotations.

Rates and fees?
Competitive prices and payment plans available. We work with you to make this happen!
-sliding scale
-alternative forms of payment (i.e.: barter)

Where are you located?

We have two locations! Minneapolis Location & Robbinsdale Location. Please check Contact Page for location nearest to you Or call 612-384-4121 for directions.

**** One free session! Call for pricing. Competitive rates. ****
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Phone: 612-384-4121
Email: emptyhandshiatsu@gmail.com