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Do you or your families and friends need a total body workout fitness program and classes? Maybe you just need to stay in shape or loose a few pounds? Embrace Cardio kickboxing classes and Martial Arts for kids classes at Embrace the Wobble. Get fit, toned and look great at the same time. Other benefits include:

* develop strength, stamina and endurance. *Loose weight. *Learn how to evade, defend and protect yourself from attacks. *Tone your muscles and loose weight.


4180 West Broadway, Suite C,

Robbinsdale, MN55422

PHONE: 651-887-1257 or 612-384-4121 (KC).


KICKBOXING CLASSES : 5:30 – 6:30pm.

MARTIAL ARTS FOR KIDS 7:00 – 8:00pm.

FEES: Only $50 monthly – Martial Arts for kids.
Kickboxing $99.00 for 10 classes pass. Families can share a class pass.

Don’t wait! Signed up on line with WWW.EMBRACE THE WOBBLE.COM OR Call (KC) : 612-384-4121.

Classes starts on Friday September 5th, 2014. Come in early for a class and registration.


To register on line for kick box or Martial Arts for kids class, go to http://www.embracethewobble.com and click on the “Register for Class” button on the home page. Go to the calendar button at the top of the page and search September 5th (or any Friday after that.) It’s listed as Wobble Kickbox.