Awesome Shiatsu therapeutic work ! My past due pregnant client, delivered her baby within 24 hours of therapeutic shiatsu session.  Using even tonifying approach to treat the whole body and sustained pressure on contraindicated points GB21, LI4, SP6, ST36,LR3, UB60, for up to a minute for about three to five times, during session.

Within 24-48 hours, my joyful client called back to let me know that she delivered her baby without any trauma, without surgery and no incidents. She was joyful. I am very happy for her, her family and loved ones. I am much more happy for my teachers along the way, who believed in this acupoints, who thought me well and believed in me to be an instrument of wellness through Shiatsu therapeutic body work. Good day for Shiatsu and a great day for all human beings. Awesome Shiatsu!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Love.

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