Self Defense

The program objectives are to increase participants’ ability to recognize potential dangers and employ safety strategies to prevent, avoid, and de-escalate confrontations. Participants will also learn to use physical techniques to escape, and to defend against attack as a last resort. Other key benefits include the enhancement of balance, flexibility, and general fitness.

In class, you can expect to learn any and all of the following: how to warmup and stretch effectively, breathing and relaxation, blocking defense, defense against lunges, kicks and punches, defense against chokes and grabs, defense of weapons, confrontation measures, levels of alertness, principles of karate, and the legalities of self defense. No matter the content, you can always expect the class to be high energy, creative, and fun!

Why should I enroll myself or my child in Empty Hand? Through the study of karate, individuals can sharpen themselves to a razor’s edge and mentally and spiritually learn to cut through any obstacles in life as they arise.

Ki, Kiai and Kata. Karate helps participants to develop ki (internal power) that helps us to avoid, prevent, escape, and survive violent situations.  Ki exists in everyone, but the study of karate helps us to develop this life force by allowing us to develop not just body and mind, but also spirit. Participants strengthen their spirits by studying breathing power, and practicing kata (techniques or forms). In the process, participants also develop relaxation and meditation techniques, learning how to turn off internal dialogue and focus on the world around them and their goals ahead of them.

Values. The study of karate promotes respect for others, courage, integrity, self control, and an indomitable spirit. These values are essential to success, not only in the martial arts, but also at school and work. Parents, teachers, and employers will notice the difference in participants’ attitude and performance as participants learn to succeed in life through their own abilities, discipline and respect for authority.

Get your community involved in karate and self defense with EMPTY HAND Self Defense. I look forward to working together with your organization to make these powerful results a reality for your community.