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Shiatsu Therapy session: $60 per Hour.

Shiatsu Therapy session to go: $85 per Hour.
For your convinience, our practitioners will come to you.

Thai Yoga Massage:
2 hours $120
1 hour 30 minute $90

Auricular Therapy: $60 per Hour. $30 only if add to other therapy.

Cupping Therapy: $60 per hour. $30 only, if add to other therapy.

Gua Sha: $60 per hour. $30 only, if add to other therapy.

Warrior Yoga Classes: $40 per month.

Hapkido Classes: $60 per month

Empty Hand Self Defense Training Seminar: $180 per seminar.

One-on-One Personal Training: $60/hour

Ninja Camp: $60.00 ( Tuesdays starting July 24th – August 14th, 2013 ).

Martial Arts for kids: $60.00

Groups Seminars and classes: Rates vary depending on size of group.

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Phone: 612-384-4121