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Shiatsu - Minneapolis

Boost employee moral!                                                                 $1 per minute!

Shiatsu Therapy is holistic, therapeutic, hands-on recovery method. Our mastered therapist can restore balance you body (muscles|connective tissue).

Benefits Include:

  • To relieve stress; direct effect on nervous system.
  • To help in avoiding, preventing and recovery from injuries and ailments
  • Increase in blood circulation and regulate blood and lymph flow.
  • Help boost the immune system
  • Alleviates / relieving seasonal allergy systems
  • *As a result, rejuvenate body, mind spirit.

} What: Fully clothed, seated Shiatsu working the neck and back area will be provided by a certified Shiatsu Practitioner

} Cost:  Companies can subsidize there employees by guaranteeing a portion of the payment as an investment of the health of your employees.  $1.00/1 minutes- checks made payable to K.C. Giwa / Empty Hand Body Work delivered directly to KC at your scheduled appointment time.  You can schedule up to 30 minutes.

 } Note: To insure the Shiatsu Therapist time is utilized and compensated, all appointment times are guaranteed payment and required for missed appointments.

Inner clam and outer strength await you!

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