Empty Hand Body Work is a holistic, therapeutic, hands-on (pre-hab/re-hab) recovery & training practice.

This integrative wellness center will improve your fitness level, restore, renew and revitalize your being. EmptyHandBodyWork will help you maintain your health, reduce stress and align the energies of the body, mind and spirit. We practice therapeutic healing arts rooted in over 3000 years of Asian Medicine. Healing with the hands or finger pressure is one of the oldest and most effective form of healing without side effects.

Benefits Include:

-To relieve stress; direct effect on nervous system.

-To help in avoiding, preventing and recovery from injuries and ailments

-Increase in blood circulation and regulate blood and lymph flow.

-Help boost the immune system

-Alleviates/ relieving seasonal allergy systems

*As a result, rejuvenate body, mind and spirit

The FIVE ELEMENTS of Empty Hand Body Work.

Acupuncture | Herbs | Diet | Meditation and Exercise | Asian body work-Shiatsu Therapy

Each element is a unique part of the whole wellness and equally important. With these in mind, KC has developed the Empty Hand Fitness, Self defense and Asian Body work.

The Objective of Empty Hand Body Work is the unification of body, mind and soul.

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